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Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is known for its incredible volcanic hot spots, massive glaciers, immense waterfalls, wildlife and endless black sand beaches.

With over half of the country made up of hills and mountains, Iceland is made for trekking. H3 Throw in glaciers, geysers, hot springs and waterfalls, and you know you need to add it to your list if it isn’t already on it.

Advantages of hiking in Iceland

Glacier hiking

Iceland is a glacier paradise. Here you can find the largest ice cap in Europe along with some amazingly picturesque outlet glaciers. Many of these glacier tongues are very easy to access, allowing Iceland to offer a great selection of glacier walking tours to its visitors.

Rewarding travel

When you walk up to a mountain like Sveinstindur you are in for a treat. At the top, you have a spectacular view of a significant portion of the Icelandic highland. On your way up you start to see more and more of mountains, lava, glaciers, lakes, and rivers.

Northern Lights

There are three conditions you need in order to see the Northern Lights: darkness, clear sky, and at least some aurora activity. With relatively good weather (read, more chance for clear skies) and about 10 hours of darkness, September is a very good month to see auroras in Iceland.

How to prepare for a day hike in Iceland?


The length of the day is an important consideration that you need to be aware of. We experience very bright nights in Iceland from June to August, but the nights are extremely long and dark in winter. The length of daylight can also differ significantly in the northern and southern parts of the country.


The difficulty level of a trail can vary according to the weather and the season, the weight of your backpack is also an important factor to consider. Check the walking distance, estimated hiking time, and also the elevations.

Thermal underwear

This might sound ridiculous, but it is a lifesaver. No matter what season it is.

Important tips for hiking in Iceland

Keep an eye on the weather.

The weather in Iceland can change rapidly and without warning. Bring multiple layers of windproof, waterproof clothing and make sure you have a hat, down jacket, and snacks in case you have to wait out a bad patch of weather.

Have a compass, a map, or a GPS device handy.

Iceland’s landscape is often described as one of alien beauty. Though your trail might be well-marked, you definitely ought to bring navigation devices to keep you on track in case you end up deviating from your path.

Crampons or an ice axe.

If you are going for a glacier hiking crampons or an ice axe is a must. Don’t forget that some routes demand more experience than others.

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